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there are at least half a dozen major controversies inside the obama administration that the president apparently didn't know anything about. today in the "wall street journal" front page headline says obama unaware as u.s. spied on world leaders. and i i believe that's true. while some americans think about mr. obama knew about fast and furious, irs, benghazi, libya, and the nasa spying while they were in -- nsa spying while they were in development. the president does not manage in a microway. he delegates often to incompetent people. most vivid example is the enormous screw up in obama care. that's the president's signature issue and he was apparently totally unaware that the roll out was broken. now, i could be wrong. i could be wrong about this. barack obama may have micromanaged all that stuff i mentioned. it's possible, but i believe improbable. last night on "60 minutes," the horror of four americans being murdered in benghazi, libya are was portrayed. lt. colonel andy wood said he warned the obama administration al qaeda was hunting the american ambassador. >> tried to assassinate the br
the obama administration al qaeda was hunting the american ambassador. >> tried to assassinate the british ambassador. wood says to him, it came as no surprise because al qaeda using a familiar tactic, had stated their intent in an online posting, saying they would attack the red cross, the british, and then the americans in benghazi. >> and you watched. >> as they did each one of those. >> and the british mission and the only ones left. >> were us. they made good on two out of the three promises. it was a matter of time until they captured the third one. >> and washington was aware of that? >> they knew we monitored it. we included that in our reports to it both state department and dod. >> the problem with colonel woods' assertion is that we don't know exactly who he warned? was it secretary of state clinton? secretary of defense panetta? both deny knowing of specific threats. and, of course, president obama says he did not knowed extent of the danger either. after the intent was underway the administration did not take action. >> you did had this conversation with the defense. you asked
's talking points memo. things are getting very bad for the obama administration. it's not a partisan statement. that is reality. the president's signature issue, affordable healthcare not so affordable. and even if you want to sign up, the computer chaos makes it it very hard to do so. but the main problem, the main problem is president obama himself. for years he has been saying to americans they are not going to have to undergo pain when the health insurance changes. >> first, if you are one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. this law will only make it more secure and more affordable. >> well, for many americans that's simply not true. the initial data is clear, health insurance premiums are going up for many working americans and health insurance companies are literally tossing people off the rolls. there is no question that's happening. >> from that podium will you you admit that the president said if you you have a plan you will get to keep it that that was not true. >> let's just be clear. what the pres
in the obama administration comes forth like john d. did with richard nixon and provides evidence president obama knowingly lied about obama care, president would be impeached. that's truth. >>> craig, dana perino is a liberal in disguise. i didn't know that. i don't think she knows it either but i'll tell her. >> terry, bill my son is a senior at brown university and those students thought down ray kelly were despicable. but i disagree with you that brown is no longer a great school. the overall atmosphere at the school is off the chart left. chris bryant, charlotte being north carolina, as a brown graduate i'm ashamed by the way the school treated ray kelly. tim o'hara, you and rob lowe have good chemistry. how about a segment called lowe on the left. snappy title, tim but lowe is a little too expensive for us especially after winning an emmy for "killing kennedy." >> now that your book "killing jesus" is a phenomenal success, who can you see playing jesus? >> we're casting that and there's no shortage of actors who believe they are god. get your orders for signed copies of "killing jesus
care nationwide by the end of day two according to an internal obama administration memo obtained by that oversight committee. adding to the list of white house whos is the fact that the vast majority of those signing up on state exchanges are signing up for medicaid while a much smaller number are signing up for private insurance, the administration says it will release official enrollment numbers in mid november, but, if the numbers are as bad as these reports suggest, what will the president do? joining me now to react from washington, d.c., democrat strategist julian epstein. julian, six? you couldn't make this up. if i had said six, they would call me crazy, racist, who know what is they would call me. six. >> i'm the first to acknowledge that there have been a lot of problems with the rollout. the administration put out a figure october 2 ath where they had about 700,000 people sign up or express interest in signing up for the program. i think the question that you are getting to, eric, is the right question, will they get a sufficient number of people in to sign up, in to t
, on the obama care. administration say so. so, when that happens, jon stewart on the daily show, skewer and a boom, boom. so, maybe, i don't know. now, on your radio show, on the syndicated radio show you do you have people from all over the country. are they -- what are they? i don't know because i don't do talk radio anymore. are they off the chart crazy about this or what are they? >> well, listen, as the people listen to me know that i haven't found barack obama -- i don't think he is the end of the world but he is inept and i have to either believe that he is -- you know, i have to believe he is hapless or men november -- first head they put on mount rushmore with his eyes closed by the way. no doubt well intentioned statements. i will say this i go along with his most ardent disciples and deem the president to be perpetually out of the loop. he knows nothing about nothing. >> now, one of the things that president obama didn't know about is that the nsa was spying on merkel of germany and some french guys. we discussed this last week. is it conceivable that he didn't know that anha
. the administration knew otherwise. but we don't know, we don't know if president obama directly ordered ordered that deceit. we do know he did nothing to correct it we also know that mr. obama said this. >> actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep. and so you could decide could not get exchange the better plan. >> as it turns out, millions of americans will not be allowed to keep their health insurance plan was the president misinformed the "the washington post" wrote his assertions were completely not true. both papers did not use the word lie. porpoise to news agencies. lodging accusations. did the president mislead the country absolutely no, question about it, did he know he was misleading it? maybe. most likely. did he lie? i have possible but the secretary of defense not conclusive. here is the example of a provable lie just so you know. last night bill maher progressive zealot accused me of promoting the republican party, implying that i used talking points from the g.o.p. that's a lie. i have never received republican talking points in m
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)